‘Kindness Matters’ Campaign

Our “Kindness Matters” campaign, part of State Senator Andrew Gounardes’s “3 for Community” initiative, was featured in the senator’s recent email newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

This month I’m honored to highlight the 3 for Community engagement of the student body at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy in Gravesend. This school year the entire academy joined forces with 3 for Community in developing their “Kindness Matters” campaign inspired by their principal, Mrs. Wolf. Each student created their own poster highlighting acts of kindness and helped to create a themed, handprint mural in the cafeteria. And students who were “caught” being kind received a postcard at home from their teacher to recognize their kindness! Principal Wolf ends every morning announcement by saying: “Remember, kindness does matter.” I couldn’t agree more.

kindness matters campaign student and art work kindness matters campaign students and art work