Home Academy Association (HAA)

Welcome to the dedicated and energetic Home Academy Association (“HAA”) (formerly the Preserving the Vision Council). Our wish is to have a school family of actively involved volunteers. HAA runs many events and fundraisers throughout the school year for both the children and adults. These events take place during school hours, after school and a few weekends. You as HAA volunteers are asked to help out at events if possible and to attend monthly evening meetings. We understand that circumstances limit some involvement, but we want and appreciate everyone’s available involvement and support.

This year we have some exciting new events such as First Day of School Coffee, Back to School Dance, Breakfast with the Bunny and Mozzarella and Wine Night. Please feel free to contact us about any ideas you may have.

We strive for the success of our children and for Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. Our first meeting will be held on October 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the newly named Deacon Philip Siani Cafeteria. (Please note all HAA members actively participating must be in compliance with the Diocese Safe Environment Requirements). Hope to see you there.

Tina Veselov, President
Toni DiNatale, Vice President
Christine Velazquez, Treasurer
Karina Bednarek, Secretary