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Welcome to 1st Grade!

Welcome to First Grade. I am looking forward to a fun, educational year!
I would like to welcome Syed Abdulahad , Dulce , Kaitlyn and Khloe to our class and to our school!
See you all on Wednesday, Sept. 6, in your new 1st grade school uniform and school shoes (dress or summer).
I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!!
In First Grade, a positive self-image is encouraged and the students are given a sense of belonging in a disciplined and structured environment. Learning becomes a rich, enjoyable and rewarding experience where students learn by using concrete and hands-on activities. In order to solve interdisciplinary problems, a variety of skills and strategies are incorporated. This includes effective work habits, gathering and processing information, generating and analyzing ideas, realizing ideas and making connections.
Since the adoption of the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, the Common Core Standards are being implemented in all aspects of the First Grade curriculum. The integration of the Standards will provide the students with the necessary fluency, comprehension, analytic and communication skills necessary to be on track for college- and career-readiness.
The new CCSS for Math and Language Arts teach for mastery and deeper understanding. The emphasis is on preparing the students for college and careers. Each grade level's standards build upon the previous year's standards.
The new CCSS for Language Arts articulates rigorous grade level expectations in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing to prepare the students for college and careers. Phonics, Writing, Spelling and Grammar are integrated into each new, interesting literature-based story and informational text to develop the children's literacy skills. This is accomplished using a wide variety of literature-based stories and informational texts, along with the internet, Smart Board lessons and games.
The new CCSS for Math emphasizes a hands-on approach that makes real life connections. Instruction will focus on four critical areas: developing understanding of addition, subtraction; developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value; developing understanding of linear measurement; and reasoning about attributes of geometric shapes. The use of manipulatives, number lines, books, songs and poems as well as cooperative learning experiences help to reinforce basic and problem-solving skills and challenge the students to develop higher-level thinking skills.
Through literature, the internet, Smart Board lessons, DVDs and projects, the students learn about topics such as: families and family life, local and global communities, current events, government, holidays, and map skills, to help the students become aware of the world around them.
Also, through literature, the internet, Smart Board lessons, classroom experiments, DVDs, and projects, Science topics are taught.
Christian values are continually provided to the students academically and spiritually through prayer services, special Masses, liturgical events, daily prayer, in addition to the Sadlier Religion series. Christian values are taught and encouraged throughout the school day.
"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way."
This statement explains why our school incorporates differentiated learning instruction. Instruction in First Grade will include different methods to accommodate the different Learning Styles of the individual students. Some Learning Styles include: Verbal, Logical/Mathematical, Visual, and Kinesthetic-movement